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Accreditation Tips

Accreditation Tip: You Are Closer Than You Think

Many people, when faced with the task of cleaning out their garage, open the door, look at all of the […]

Accreditation Tip: Get Rid of the Silos!

One of the first points we make with clients beginning the accreditation process is to remind them about the name […]

Accreditation Tip: Prepay your Initial Application Fee to AAHRPP

In AAHRPP’s payment model, incentives are provided to organizations that pay their application fee prior to submitting their Step One […]

Accreditation Tip: Element I.5.B

One of the more obscure requirements for AAHRPP accreditation is related to Element I.5.B. “The Organization conducts audits or surveys […]

Accreditation Tip: Consistency

One area that trips up many organizations in the AAHRPP accreditation process is consistency. While no one expects perfect consistency […]

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